The chancel (choir) organ of Église Saint-Roch is the creation of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, widely considered to be the greatest organ builder of the 19th century. His many innovations and inventions produced the "symphonic organ" which permitted an organ to sound like the individual instruments in a symphony or to be played simultaneously.

There are two organs in Saint-Roch. The chancel organ above is dated 1845 and the grand gallery organ (seen below) has an interesting history. One could say that it was created and re-created over a 90 year period beginning in 1751 (Lesclop), 1770 (Clicquot), and Cavaillé-Coll in 1840. It has remained in a constant state of improvements up to the current time.

My blog-friend Evan Kreider has produced a masterful post, full of photos of this magnificent church and once you have seen this you will understand why I will be posting another church next Sunday. (a smile, a wink, and a "great job" to Evan)

The site of many burials, Nathalie of Avignon-in-Photos told me that the beloved French actress Annie Girardot was memorialized at a funeral here at Église Raint-Roch just weeks ago (on March 5th).

Bon dimanche

Église Saint-Roch
Rue St. Roch et Rue St-Honoré