As Marie and I wandered the streets of the 2ième arrondissement we saw a small green space, un petit jardin, on a triangle of ground called Place du Caire. As we glanced up we saw this façade, an entrance to Passage du Caire, adorned with three heads of the goddess Hathor. The Egyptian theme is further carried out with the band of pseudo-hieroglyphs above the sculptures.

Now, for the rest of the story... I have been trying to find the name, the exact location, the street address off and on for several weeks. Marie had joined in the hunt as well. So, what expert would you turn to in the same situation? Why, Peter, of course! He responded in an instant and so I am linking to his post which is much more comprehensive than mine. Many thanks, dear friend!

Passage du Caire
Place du Caire
at Rue d'Aboukir