The Window of MORA
(Le Spécialiste des Ustensiles de Cuisine)

MORA is one of my regular stops in Paris, to buy a French cookbook, 
powdered colors for making macarons, moule cannelé (for making Canelés de Bordeaux), and fèves.  There are many themes for a collection of fèves and we really wanted the row with the bees (including the Queen bee on the left).  They did not have any left for sale but there were other charming selections as you can see.  Perhaps you would be interested in the row of purses?

I promised a recipe for the galette des rois and have included a link here 
for a very easy galette.  
However, I will be back later with a photo of my galette des rois,
and a French recipe which I prefer.

(Joyeux anniversaire, Marie!)

MORA, au service de la Gastronomie depuis 1814
13, rue Montmartre
75001, Paris
Métro Étienne Marcel