(the perch)

This stunning rooftop bar is 7 flights up with a view from each corner.  It is found on an unlikely industrial office street with no sign or indication of what could be found inside.  Feeling certain that I had the correct address, it still made me a bit uneasy that I had led Peter (Peter's Paris) and Virginia (Paris Through My Lens) on a wild goose-chase.  We walked through large (open) industrial doors into an open space and found an open winding staircase.  

When we reached the top of the building (by the elevator) we found a delightful 360° view of Paris.  Looking at the bar, it made me think of a Moorish tent in the middle of the desert.  We enjoyed beverages and took many photos before leaving this oasis in the 11ième arrondissement.  

Do not miss this and get there early as the rooftop is limited to 110 persons.  There is a wonderful restaurant on the floor below for which you will need reservations.

Le Perchoir
14, rue Crespin du Gast
75011, Paris