On a long ride in the Métro, my daughter Holly and I watched a group of mischievous boys. They were accompanied by their teacher, probably on a field trip, in a group of about ten children.

As riders exited and entered the train at each Métro stop, these three would crowd around the door with a sheet of paper which they had torn into long strips. They would position the paper to hang out of the closing door which would then flap and tear away in the breeze of the speeding train. As the door opened at the next stop they would burst into laughter to see what was left of the paper. This scenario was repeated at each stop. The teacher gave them one stern glance but all the other Métro riders pretended not to notice. Holly and I conspired with their antics and I asked them to give me a pose as we exited.

Et voilà! Can you tell which one was the ringleader?