Le Passage du Grand Cerf (Big Deer Passage) is found just off Rue St. Denis in the neighborhood of Montorgueil. Designed in the 19th Century to protect pedestrians from mud and horse-drawn carriages, this elegant passage has been restored to its original grandeur. There are at least five of these passages clustered between Rue Etienne Marcel and Rue Réamur and others a short walk away.

Grand Cerf is distinctive in the height of the windows at 11.8m (almost 39 feet), the highest in Paris, and the unique offerings along the corridor. You will find handcrafted pearl jewelry, artists' workshops, interesting gifts, and recovered objects that have been restored. If you are left with a rainy, cold day in Paris these "shopping arcades" are a great option. Here is a link (en français) for all the passages, descriptions, and locations in Paris.

Note: You need to be attentive as many of the entrances are almost hidden from the main streets.

Le Passage du Grand Cerf
145, rue St Denis
Métro Etienne Marcel