What can I say? This apple did not fall far from the tree*...

With the Buren Columns there is a temptation to get a little silly and most everyone we saw there was standing on or hiding behind the black and white columns. In the late 1700s this Jardin du Palais Royal was opened to the public and closed to the police, making it a place of much activity. The Court of Honor shown here was updated in the 1980s with this landscape of columns designed by Daniel Buren. People generally love or hate the columns, but the children are in agreement that there is much to love here.

*"The apple did not fall far from the tree" is an expression meaning that children often take after their parents, be that good or not... Holly and I do have fun in Paris and Beyond!

Jardin du Palais Royal
Rue de Mentpensier et Rue Saint-Honoré