Is the awning by Hector Guimard?

That was my original question when I lifed my camera for a shot.  In the subsequent months I have found that the awning is but a part of this amazing residence designed in 1870 by the architect Gustave Clausse.  The rez-de-chaussée et le premier étage (ground floor and the next floor) were built in stone and the three upper floors in patterned brick.  Above the awning you can see the arched windows decorated with polychrome ceramics. 

So, is it a Guimard?  Honestly, I do not know.  Most of Guimard's Paris work was started about 10 years after this building was completed.  There are more secrets about this residence, and I will share a special one with you another time.

9, rue Murillo
75008, Paris

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