This wall in the Square Jehan-Rictus (next to Métro Abbesses) is the site for the "I Love You" art of deep cobalt blue tiles.  The wall is covered in 612 tiles of the same size and color, on which the words "I love you" have been written in 311 languages and dialects.  The tile wall was created in 2000 by Frederic Baron, an author and composer, along with Claire Kito, a calligraphy specialist.  The writing is in white with sparse accents of Paris rouge.  

There are thousands of photos on the internet of the wall and the small enclosed park but I thought that you would like to see this small detail which sits above the dark blue tiles, and was on this day framed by chartreuse leaves and dappled sunlight.  It is Rita Hayworth by artist Rue Meurt d'Art, and a loose translation is, "Loving is chaos... so, let's love."  (Please correct me, you Frenchies)  If you look closely just to the right of Ms. H. you will see a ghost.  It is an outline of Ava Gardner who originally graced this wall.  C'est une mystère...

I Love You Wall
Square Jehan-Rictus
Métro Abbesses
75018 Paris