Rue Saint Roch
my street in Paris

This is undoubtedly one of the smallest of café terraces with seating for six.
Rue Saint Roch runs between Rue de Rivoli 
and Avenue de l'Opéra, a single-lane, one-way street.

From my residence of choice in Paris, I can look (hang) out of the large windows 
and watch the school children marching their way to Jardin des Tuileries, 
gaze on the large stained glass windows of Église Saint-Roch, 
or, in warm weather, observe the wonderful food selections on the terrace below.  
Often we can hear the music from one or more of the church's three organs.

Just thinking about my street in Paris lightens my mood 
and brings a smile to my face.

Restaurant de la Cordonnerie
20, rue Saint Roch
75001, Paris

City Daily Photo Theme Day: My Street