A cat, a dog, and many salamanders

A sense of humor by the architect (Bastier) is seen as the two pets perch above the door, keeping watch on all those who walk beneath.  The bottom tiles on either side of the door are signed by "Bigot" on the left and by "A and M Turin" on the right.  The permit for the building was dated 1903.  

Now, I found this entrance delightfully whimsical, worthy of observation and photographing.  It was interesting that a man walked up to me and said that he had lived in the neighborhood on this quiet street for over 30 years and had never noticed this doorway or the one just like it next door.  He watched me looking up and snapping with my camera.  Otherwise, he might still have not noticed.  We exchanged pleasantries and remarked that often we do not notice what treasures surround us.

He thanked me for the discovery, and we went our separate ways.

76-78, rue Mademoiselle
75015, Paris
Métros Vaugirard et Volontaires
(we were on Vélibs)