In June while walking Rue Mouffetard, I was sitting on the curb (don't ask) and watched this scene on the opposite corner. Monsieur was sanding and scraping the brightly colored wall with its farmer and character vegetables. Madame, dressed warmly in her "summer coat" on this Sunday afternoon, approached Monsieur engaging him in conversation.

Madame appeared to be reproaching Monsieur:
  1. Monsieur is not working fast enough on his project to paint over this mess;
  2. Her son painted the veggie-characters and she is unhappy that Monsieur is sanding away these cartoon figures;
  3. She is giving Monsieur advice about a new color scheme;
  4. This is her son and he is late for goûter; or
  5. None of the above.

What do you think is going on?

Pomi Halles Mouffetard
117, rue Mouffetard
5ième arr.

Virginia posted this mural in a beautiful night shot here and it was featured on Red Bubble. Great minds, n'est-ce pas?