Well, here it is... my favorite restaurant in Paris -- Hier et Aujourd'hui

It is out on the edges of the 17ième arrondissement but worth the trip! Pudlow Paris, a restaurant guide listed this restaurant as "Best Value for Money" in the 2007-2008 edition. It allowed that Franck Dervin was trained under Guy Savoy and Alain Dutournier and has a fresh, sharp and precise menu changing daily. Franck and his wife Karin Ouet handle every aspect of this dining experience... Hungry for Paris featured this as one of its 100 reviewed restaurants.

We have been making the trek out to our favorite restaurant to see our dear friends since 2007, and most trips we go for lunch and also for a dinner. If you go, please tell them that Genie sends greetings... Oh, and be sure to call ahead as reservations are necessary.

Hier et Aujourd'hui
145, rue de Saussure
Métro Wagram (not Villiers)