I have never posted twice in the same day but this is a story which does relate to Epiphany, la galette des rois, and fèves. Do you remember the cake from Christmas Day with the petite manger scene on top (fèves anciens)? Here are photos of the characters and the original cake...

The Story:

Sunday when I was taking down all of Christmas and cleaning and throwing, etc., I got ready to toss the rest of the Jesus' Birthday cake and was missing a few pieces. Joseph had run away on the camel and left Mary, the angel and the little baby Jesus!!!! I asked DH about them, what did he do with the top of the cake that night he had some in the kitchen. He could not remember. Probably, he either threw it in the trash or down the disposal. I thought about it and figured that I would consider going through the garbage although I could not be sure which day all that cake eating had transpired...

Fortunately there was only one white garbage bag in the big trashcan... So, I sat down on the ground in the driveway and started moving the garbage to another fresh bag. I found...

• coffee filters with grounds x 2
• two pieces of mutilated pomegranate with lots of loose pomegranate seeds mixed in with the coffee grounds (yum)
• two diapers (fortunately no poop)
• the remains of whatever Mexican thing Son-in-Law ate
• the rinds of stinky cheese, French bien sûr
• lots of beer bottles (recycling?)
• two Champagne corks and wire
• lots of gooey cake and icing
• the stems from asparagus
• half-empty yogurt bottles
• empty orange juice carton
• wet newspapers and paper products
Joseph and the camel! And they had taken the cow with them too!!!

Yay, me! I rescued all three although the camel will need a head re-attachment!

Moral to this story: If you are making pastries with treasured old fèves, do not leave them in/on the pastry beyond the presentation.

Footnote: Although I did not name the son-in-law, I have already shown his socks and underwear in an early post on my blog, so I am not sure that anonymity matters.