This friendly gentleman with a delightful sense of humor has a boutique, Les Abeilles,
selling honey and other "bee-products" on La Butte aux Cailles. 
You can even buy all that you need to set up as a beekeeper. 
He is an expert in les abeilles, miel, cire d'abeilles, a true apiculture parisien!

A purchase of honey and beeswax candles was made after a delightful visit with him in the petite shop.  Two large vats of honey along with all the other products give the small space a sweet aroma.

Monsieur Schakmundès became my newest Paris friend,
and I will carry this portrait back to him in January.

(for Holly, the Queen Bee)

Les Abeilles
21, rue de la Butte-aux-Cailles
75013 Paris