With so many options to dine in Paris, how do you find a great, reasonable meal?
Certainly, you should check internet reviews, but I would offer that reading blogger favorites may be a good place to start.  In June of 2010, Virginia (Paris Through My Lens) introduced me to Le Reminet.  She had met Meredith Mullins for déjeuner at Le Reminet at Meredith's suggestion.  The prices are quite reasonable at lunch if you guard your wine consumption and select from la formule.  The meals have been excellent and the friends I have sent there agree.  Often I enjoy a bit of a splurge at lunch and have just a light salad or baguette et fromage for dinner. 

Le Reminet has a lovely aubergine-colored entrance, a charming ambiance,
and it is situated on a narrow street in the 5ième near Notre Dame. 

Le Reminet
3, rue Grands Degrés
75005 Paris
Métro Maubert Mutualité