Two weeks ago, my husband and I arranged to meet Peter (Peter's Paris) and friend Isabelle for déjeuner at this café/bar in the heart of the Marais,
Le Petit Fer à Cheval (the horseshoe). 
It was the one coolish day of our visit and we enjoyed sitting in a warm corner. 

Do you know the special anniversary that is today?

It is the birthdate of an artist, one who left his mark on the world through his photography.  His amazing insight into children's street culture created visual stories of life in France.  His photography has had a revival since his death in 1994 and many of his portraits and street photos of Paris in the late 1940s and 1950s have become icons of French life.

Robert Doisneau
born 14 April 1912

Joyeaux anniversaire, Monsieur Doisneau

Le Petit Fer à Cheval
30, rue Vieille du Temple
75004, Paris