Photographing these sculptures in Cour Marly at the Louvre on my last visit,
I recalled having seen them in a different setting. 

First, the story:

From Greek mythology, Atalanta was a huntress who agreed to marry any man that could outrun her in a race.  Hippomenes fell in love with her and prayed to Aphrodite to help him.  In response she gave him three irresistible gold apples to help him in the race.  As they ran, Hippomenes tossed the apples at intervals to distract Atalanta therefore winning the race and her hand in marriage.

Now, the other sighting:

In the frozen cold of December, these Greek heroes were racing on a frozen pond of Jardin des Tuileries as I noted in a post of February 3, 2011.

Cour Marly, Louvre
75001, Paris