Notre Dame de Chartres, commonly known as Chartres Cathedral, is an architectural treasure as well as a destination for pilgrims for over a thousand years.  I have posted previously here, here and here.

This photo was taken as friend Marie and I ascended the narrow, worn steps in the Jehan de Beauce tower.  We walked round and round seeing few others in the tight spiral leading to the very top, a rather small perch from which to view all of Chartres.  This shot is a portion of the buttresses and the 19th century iron roof.  Each rotation on our way to the top provided a vignette beyond the stone windows including gargoyles and other carvings.

If you are in Paris this easy day trip is worth the visit.  Currently the interior is undergoing a major restoration and there may be portions inaccessible to visitors.  The labyrinth has been restored and is open.

bon dimanche

Notre Dame de Chartres
Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres
Chartres, France