Love locks
Pont des Arts

I have photographed the "love locks" for years on the Pont des Arts and always said that if my sweetheart came with me to Paris that we would put one here on the Pont des Arts.

He did come with me last March and after attaching our lock threw away a red key (which was superfluous for a combination lock).  It was at the moment of sunset, and we were in good company with others on that March evening.  In October I went back to check on our lock and it was most assuredly missing.  The fact is that all of these lovers' locks weigh down the bridge and it appears that the locks are periodically "pruned."  In May of 2010, they all disappeared overnight but the city of Paris claimed innocence.

We will return and affix another lock, a tiny discrete one, which should not cause any attention (or pruning).

(Happy Valentine's Day, D)

Pont des Arts
75001, Paris