L'Ecailler du Bistrot

Situated next door to Bistrot Paul Bert, this restaurant of huîtres (oysters), gambas (prawns), crevette (shrimp), homard (lobster), and many types of fish won my heart.  It is decorated with large wooden boats, maps and painted murals of shellfish.  The blackboard menus feature the daily catch and have a large selection of named oysters. 

 I learned from my experiences at Le Baron Rouge that you order oysters by the number which indicates the size of the oyster and by the beach, such as Omaha Beach.  There are too many choices so you order some of all of them and savor the individuality of each.  Just as the French cherish their baguettes, the oysters are serious business and not to be rushed.  They have a nice selection of wines, and a glass of Sancerre is a perfect accompaniment.

Living most of the year on the Gulf Coast of the US and traveling to other coastal oyster regions (Seattle, Vancouver), my tastes are discerning.  The oysters that I enjoyed at L'Ecailler du Bistrot were perhaps the best ever tasted.  One could close the eyes and be transported to Brittany.


L'Ecailler du Bistrot
22, rue Paul Bert
75011, Paris