2012 Oct 4 Thursday_267DSC_8359 - color

To say that he is a percussionist is a gross understatement.
He is a musical artist, pushing the limits and producing delightful rhythms and sounds.
He is versatile as seen here arranging his "instruments" of tone.

He appeared this day at an exhibition opening for artist Xavier Rémon-Beauvais, a goldsmith.  The exhibit and acoustic performance were found in a gallery in the narrow pedestrian street, Cour Damoye.  
The percussionist's tools are the art of the goldsmith.

You must pay attention as you never know what greatness you will discover:
two artists at the top of their fields... in the same gallery.

(small gallery)
Cour Damoye
75011, Paris

This is my contribution the the City Daily Photo Blogs 
Theme Day for May
"The Creative Artisan" (x deux) 

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