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Château de Chenonceau
The Maze

Seen from ground level the grand labyrinth shows only a tight hedge of yews.  If you are able to navigate the maze to the center you will be rewarded with the view from a heightened gazebo of the entire layout.   The design for this formal garden was created by Catherine de Médicis in the 16th century.

Chenonceau is also known as the Château de Femmes for the succession of six powerful French knoblewomen, each of whom had an impact on the chateau over the period of four centuries.  The four caryatids seen in the background were added to the chateau by Catherine de Médicis and more recently added to "her" maze.

Château de Chenonceau has nearly one million visitors every year, and with the exception of the Palace of Versailles, is the most visited castle in France. 

Château de Chenonceau
45000, Chenonceaux
(one hour by train from Paris - day trip)