2010 June 17-18 DSC_0673

Dominique Bart

Si vous passez Place des Vosges à Paris, 
vous rencontrerez certainement sous les arcades au n° 13  
Dominique Bart. Artiste-peintre, 
il vous montrera ses aquarelles et ses huiles représentant cette superbe place.

I have had this photo for a few years of M. Bart, but did not know his name.  Mon amie Marie found him and bought one of his beautiful watercolors.  He allowed me to take his photo, and Marie shared his name.  I have not seen him on recent visits to Place des Vosges, but would love to give him a copy of this portrait.  Perhaps I will find him on my next trip.

Dominique Bart
13, Place des Vosges
75004, Paris