Citron vert, citron, pistache! Citron vert, citron, pistache! Citron vert, citron, pistache! Miam-miam! Say it three times quickly and while you do, I will eat as many of these macarons as I can. My guess is that there are more than 60 of these little beauties and that we'll still have plenty to share! Although I have only bought macarons individually or by the box, you can buy a tower. This pâtisserie sells the towers by height with an estimate of the number of macarons. Can you imagine going to a wedding party and hovering around a macaron tower while trying not to look like a pig?

This is Gérard Mulot en juin and the line extended out the door and around the corner. There are smudges on this glass as a result of my lèche-vitrines. I think that this French word originated with someone actually licking a window like this! Que pensez-vous?

Soon I will tell you a more personal story about les macarons.

Gérard Mulot
76, rue de Seine
Métro Odéon, Métro Mabillon