Several weeks ago I mentioned the hunt for new pâtisseries, not new to Paris, but ones that my daughter Holly and I had not tried. When you find a wonderful pâtisserie it can become a habit that prevents you from branching out. How sad would it be to miss the most incredible pastry because you are set in your routine.

Our goal last December was to find at least five pâtisseries and to make notes. When you make a scientific study out of something like this it empowers you to "taste in the name of mankind" or some foolishness like that. So, our first excursion was to the 8th arr. to Dalloyau with over 200 years as a premier pâtisserie. It is best known perhaps for its L'Opéra, a cake of alternating layers of coffee-soaked almond cake, coffee cream and chocolate which is seen just to the left of the lovely La Prima Donna -- miam-miam!

As you can see from the photo above, the prices are a bit steep but it is reported that they have over 100 pastry cooks or should we say "artists" for these exquisite creations.

101, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré