This adorable child is laughing with me! Of course, there is a story....

The background:

As you may know, there are many steps in the Paris Métro -- up, down, around... Some Métro stops are huge and have many iterations of "up and down and around" before it is possible to either transfer or to exit to the street level. Since my first visit to Paris, I have done a little happy dance when I find an escalator. Specifically, I fling my arms into the air (as if my team has just scored) just as I step onto the escalator. Most of the time there is a little joyous shout (woooh-hoooo) and waving of arms. It is just my little "meep" of happiness to have found the electric steps that save my tired body.

The story:

As I stepped on the escalator to exit Métro Sèvres-Babylone, I turned to share my "escalator happy dance" with a mom and two children who laughed with me all the way to the top. Sometimes, the crazy American CAN get a petite Parisienne to smile.

The commentary:

This behavior does warrant some stern stares and I do tone it down a bit in the more chi-chi areas of Paris, but lighten up, people. It will keep you young!
Merci, Shell, for adding "meep" to my vocabulary!