"A miller, and much more"

Coming out of Eric Kayser one morning we found these friendly delivery men bringing in the heavy sacks of flour from Moulins Bourgeois.  We asked permission for their photos and I was fascinated by the source of the flour which is transformed into the indescribable pastries and breads of Eric Kayser and other pâtisseries/boulangeries.

The company was established in 1895 in Verdelot and today continues to produce "classic bread-making flour, traditional French flour, gruel and flour from the USA, stone ground and organic flour."  With a staff of 80 people they serve a customer base of artisan bakeries, both within 200 km of the mill and Internationally to Europe and Asia.  

At home, would I notice a flour delivery to a bakery I frequented?
Probably not, unless it was Eric Kayser, John-Paul Hévin, Julien, Pierre Hermé, Dalloyau, Ladurée, La Petite Rose, Pâtisserie des Rêves, Stohrer, Coqueliqot.... just too many to name

Eric Kayser
8, rue Monge
75005, Paris