Au Panetier

On each trip to Paris, my "check list" includes two new boulangeries/pâtisseries.  Sometimes I have a specific name (Moulin de la Vierge) but often I just stumble into one. 

Au Panetier has been in the same place on places des Petits-Pères facing Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Victoires since 1896.  The prices were extraordinarily inexpensive for 2 cafés and 2 pains au chocolat, enjoyed in the ambiance of the Art Nouveau surroundings.  In the fifteen minutes we were here (on the first day) there was a revolving line of people making their selections.  The extra treat is that this was just around the corner from our apartment!  While you are there you can pick up a sourdough baguette hot from the wood-fired oven to take with you.

I just wished for a small taste of pain au chocolat this morning and un café served in a Cafés Richard cup.  I hope that my friend Mary will enjoy one for all of us today!

bon weekend!

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Au Panetier
10, places des Petits-Pères
75002 Paris

(I ignored the "no photos" sign, okay?)