I saw the above billboard in a Métro stop during my November visit and quickly snapped a (poor) shot before the doors closed.  I even knew the station location but the billboard had been replaced before I could return for a better photo.

In January, Holly pointed it out on the side of a bus pulling away from the curb and I hastily "clicked."  If you have ever seen the fountains of Versailles you would understand the amazement of the snow and ice on this scene.  The Apollo fountain depicts Apollo the conqueror on his chariot pulled by four horses representing force and ardour.  He is getting out of the water among sea monsters to enlighten the Earth as he represents the rising Sun.  In Versailles all the statues of Apollo represent Louis XIV, the sun king.

This is the Apollo Fountain on a July day many years ago for contrast

To my Paris friends, take many snow photos to share with me. 
Wish I was there to see the snow again
 and would just die to see the Apollo Fountain in snow and ice!

Le Château de Versailles
78000 Versailles, France