The seventeenth century church on the island of Saint Louis was dedicated to Saint-Louis, Louis IX, King of France.  The ornate Baroque style interior is in stark contrast to the somber exterior.

Although one may imagine this organ as a centuries-old masterpiece, it has a more recent history.  It was made by Aubertin in 2004 (51 stops, 69 ranks) and blends seamlessly with the surrounding periods.  As with many Paris churches there are multiple organs, and I will show you the chancel organ on another Sunday post.

So, before you stop in Berthillon for an ice cream, wander east on Rue St. Louis to see this magnificent church.  You will notice the high, large clock which stands out as you look down the street.

bon dimanche

Église Saint-Louis-en-l'Île
19 bis, rue St Louis en l'Île
75004 Paris