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Meet my friend, Chula, Paris dog about town and "globe trotter" extraordinaire.  This sweet Sheltie has enjoyed adventures in Paris and beyond (in Provence) with her owners Sheron and Bob.  She tells the story in a book titled Dog Trots Globe, which I have enjoyed reading and reviewing.  The text and beautiful photographs are blended into this tale for any age, one that will have a special place for those who love dogs and/or France.  In addition to Chula's story, there are many tips about bringing a dog to France and the book has more than 150 lovely photos of  familiar scenes of Paris and Provence and Chula, bien sûr!   

When I am in Paris, I love seeing the dogs in cafés and restaurants which is almost never allowed in the US, but there is another side to visiting in Paris from a dog's point of view.  While over 200,000 people in Paris have dogs which are permitted in most hotels and restaurants, they actually cannot go in the Métro, the parks, the museums, and many other public plces.  Sheron said, "We had to leave Chula home a lot, and this picture where she is curled up in the big chair captures her sad face."

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This charming book comes in three formats:
Sheron and OIC Books have made a copy available to my readers and so I will have a giveaway (my first) for a print copy of this book, signed by Sheron and Chula!  To enter, just make a comment here on my blog today.  Each day you make a comment on my daily blog will add another chance to win, and the random drawing will be the evening of Monday, March 19th, announced on Tuesday's post of March 20th.  I will have a post that day of Chula with her happy face in the lavender fields of Provence as she travels "beyond."

I might also mention that Chula has her own Facebook page where readers can keep up with her comings and goings.