Yes, these are macarons, but they are not from Pierre Hermé.
They were made by Holly and me in a three-day frenzy of scientific study and baking.
They were divine.

Today is Jour du Macaron, a festival of these tasty delights by Pierre Hermé.  For the seventh year now the pâtisserie holds an event which I would compare to a treasure hunt.  You are given a card with the map of PH locations.  You can go to each location and select three macarons one macaron of the 25 flavors available on this wonderful day.  You are encouraged to drop a small donation in the box which will be given to charity.  You go to each of the 8 PH boutiques, selecting a macaron from each, and get your card stamped.  If you make it to all of the PH stores by the end of the day, you are rewarded with a box of 35 macarons!  

The rules have changed this year as in prior years there were three macarons at each stop!  I guess that it got to be too popular.  I have several blogger friends who are making the rounds today and they will be reporting on their success.  I hope that a treasure of 35 macarons is still the reward.  I am missing it by less than a week this year, but assuming there is an eighth year Jour du Macaron, I plan to be there!

Pierre Hermé, Jour du Macaron 2012
All over Paris 

After a random drawing from all the comments since last Tuesday,
the winner of the book, Dog Trots Globe, is .....
The Chieftess! 
Congratulations to her and thank you for all your wonderful comments during the past week.  
Special thanks to Sherry Long, the author and Chula's mom, and to OIC, the book publisher.