The chocolatier Jeff de Bruges with its color scheme of almost-Tiffany-aqua and chocolate-brown (of course), featured a window in collaboration with Tintin.  The boxes seen here hold combinations of their famous chocolates, 60 petite caraques, each wrapped in foil with a Tintin characature on the front:

  • noir (70%)
  • lait
  • lait sucre pétillant (je crois)
  • noir nougatine

I was given a delightful box (3 layers!) of Jeff de Bruges chocolates during my November visit to Paris and made them last, languishing over each one individually, marveling how something could be so singularly delicious.  No, I did not eat them all myself and I did make them last until after Christmas.

I will be back in Paris in two weeks and will look for the windows to be decorated for Easter and spring.  I just may need to indulge in a "small" box...


Jeff de Bruges at
Stéphane Valentin
112-114, rue Mouffetard
75005 Paris