You could spend at least a week in le Jardin du Luxembourg and not grow weary of the scene. It can be a quiet place to read, even on the busiest weekends. It affords little corners for reflecting and musing -- True to the expectations of une étrangère I hear the tender words of lovers on one side of the gravel path and the playful squeals of children on the other. In certain areas, there are people on the grass but not on this lawn!

Arrive early to find a coveted green chair, and once "installed" in a prime location there is no rush to leave. In warm weather the hexagon-shaped basin will be full of activity as young children maneuver sailboats across its surface and the resident ducks seem to enjoy the action. From my observation, there are as well some full-grown fish (perhaps bass?)

You may be surprised at day's end that your book has not even been opened -- too much else to enjoy.