Well, I did leave out an "erie" place with delectable food in my post from yesterday: crêperie! However, this is more a street-vendor than a true crêperie.

In June he was at the corner of St. Germain and rue Bonaparte, in front of St. Germain des Prés church, with a steady line of customers day and night. We saw him several times each day as we exited the Mètro St. Germain des Prés. Certainly, it was necessary to have a banana and Nutella crêpe, but more than one?

I believe that Nutella is originally from Italy, but crêpes on the street just screams Paris to me! I carried jars home from Paris until I realized that the magic of the internet would bring this nectar right to my door. Even Delta Airlines has little individual packets in their club rooms now. Well, they did until someone (?) scarfed them all! Miam-miam.....