After Starman's request to feature Catherine de Médicis' fountain in Jardin du Luxembourg, I wondered if I would risk saying that it is my favorite "quiet place" in Paris. A risk, because with each trip to Paris comes the discovery of new favorites and wondering if at some point in the future I would have to toss this special place aside for un nouveau endroit. Certainly someone will remind me if/when that time comes. Hummm, a dilemma.

This is not a secret place but mostly a quiet, shaded, cool space in the enormous, multi-faceted Jardin du Luxembourg. The fountain is found just east of the Sénat with the closest entrance at Place P. Claudel. The long basin of water is shaded by a canopy of plane trees, inviting a contemplative atmosphere. The familiar green chairs line the two sides of the basin backed by a screen of draped green garlands, shielding the scene from the less serene areas of the park seen here.

I will bring you back here again, but will leave you with this thought. This is my favorite quiet place in Paris. There now-- I've said it.