Living in a city without "comprehensive public transportation" I am fascinated at how easy it is to get to anywhere, anywhere at all, in Paris. Nothing is more fun than plotting out the "path" with the fewest transfers to get from Point A to Point B in Paris. The first half-dozen times in Paris I only rode the Métro (or RER) and walked. After facing the challenge of the bus routes, I found that you might actually get to Point B quicker on a bus and take in the sights à la fois!

Métro Mabillon was a regular stop on my visit to Paris in juin and I was encouraged by M. Cantona's velvety French to "Restez cool." Since the high temperature in Paris during the week of my visit was about 65F (18C) it was not difficult to follow his direction. I wonder if the Parisians commuting in the sweltering temperatures of 30C and above wish that all the Métro passengers were buying his product.

Eric Cantona, il est beau gosse or as Cécile would say "Trobooogosse" (which was, of course, not in any translator but being a smart girl I figured it out -- wink)